You are currently viewing Rack Maxx Food Plots are for more than just a killing plot it also builds the soil

Rack Maxx Food Plots are for more than just a killing plot it also builds the soil

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Rack Maxx fall seed blends were developed with several reasons. #1 was to develop seed blends that you could eliminate the spraying of harmful chemicals, #2 was to have seed blends that functioned well during hunting season (creating a kill plot) to feeding your local herd with high protein and high digestibility along with producing enough tonnage for all wildlife and #3 while giving your deer and turkeys all they need during the crucial times during the rut and the winter stress the food plot actually starts improving your soil from the week you plant thru year after year without cleaning the table.

Rack Maxx Fall 365
This is a very unique blend of 5 types of white perennial clovers, an annual clover, a special select forage radish along with a type of turnip. Planted in mid summer extreme north and late August to early September in the south. within a few days with ample moisture you will start seeing growth. Each particular type of seed was hand picked to give this blend a unique growing ability. Each seed has a purpose during the fall, winter, spring and summer. It starts off with a special forage radish that deer can graze on without harming it, As winters comes in the turnips start to turn into sugar then during the hard months of January and February the bulb from both the radish and turnip is consumed. As March rolls in the annual clover takes over for a great turkey hunt. As summer comes in the annual clover fades out and the variety of white clover takes over for good.

Rack Maxx Fall Blend
With a special hand picked forage radish, special variety of turnip and a specially selected clover this mix is designed to be planted in mid summer north and late August or early September south, Rack Maxx Fall Blend will carry your deer and turkey from fall thru spring including the spring turkey season. With no spraying needed just drill your spring plot (Eagle Seed Soybeans) or whatever you select directly in the existing Fall Blend. This will give the plants ample time to develop without any deer browsing pressure.

Rack Maxx Magic Fall Blend
This blend is close to the RackMaxx Fall Blend but with one very special hand selected seed known as Triticale. This special selected seed helps the weekend warrior. Everyone has to work and most work picks up in the spring warm up as temperature climb and days get longer. Planted in mid summer north and late August to early September south. This special blend will carry your deer and turkey from a few days after planting to early to mid summer. Just plant in August again and your in business.

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