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Hello my name is Tug Rilling. As many of you my father introduced me to hunting when I was a young boy.

About The Buck Branch

Hello my name is Tug Rilling. As many of you my father introduced me to hunting when I was a young boy. I now have been hunting for over 45 years. As time went by, I was so intrigued with deer hunting I began to use some of the first deer game cameras in the late 1980’s.

I was always looking for ways to improve on hunting big bucks along with learning how deer communicate with each other. I started trying to do mock scrapes with real tree brands along with every scent made. I kept thinking of a better way to intice all deer (bucks, does hawns) to use my mock scrapes in front of my deer stands cameras. Yes, every now and then I would get a pic but not like I wanted. What I often found is the branches were not being hit or not often at all, when one was hit is was not in the best area or angle for hunting.

Over the years I started making prototypes of branches that I would place at a certain height and angle. Then many years ago I finally made a discovery that I thought would work. I have been tweaking and perfecting for some 8-10 years. I have tested and tested and again tested and this is what has become The Buck Branch.

The Buck Branch can be placed in your favorite hunting area at the correct height, correct angle and most importantly in your shooting lane at the distance you prefer. If you don’t have a tree where you want or if you hunt more food plots and open areas don’t worry this is why I came up with the stake out.

The stake out is put out where you don’t have a tree and the Buck Branch connects to it giving you the optional mock scrape at the optimal location. I have also tried every scent on the market and this is why I only use and recommend Raw Frozen Scent when you use the Buck Branch and Raw Frozen Scent deer will not just prefer but will use the Buck Branch over 50 to 1 real tree branch.

If you want an advantage on a trophy buck then don’t wait use The Bunk Branch.

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