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Using Wildlife Cameras

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As many of you, I have used wildlife cameras for over 30 years. My obsession started when the original Deer Cam came out using 35mm film. WOW, have wildlife cameras come a long way since those days!

After trying just about every wildlife camera out there, I have become an exclusive user of Cuddeback/Cuddelink Camera systems.

When Cuddeback came out with their Cuddelink system using a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows cameras to communicate with each other it really changed my entire hunting world!

In other words, Cuddelink connects cameras in a daisy chain. When you use these cameras with the Buck Branch you will get incredible images and you do not need to go to your set up to check them individually. You can have remote cameras connected to a home camera and you either just pull the SD card from the home camera or use a Cuddelink cell camera to send images directly to your email or as texts to your smart phone.

This is why I only use Cuddelink cameras on all of my Buck Branch setups. No need to go disturb or scent up your hunting areas when you use Cuddelink.

This strategy helps mature bucks feel secure and stay in your hunting area near your Buck Branches. When you go into your hunting area either to hunt or refresh your scent with Raw Scents you can check your cameras at the same time.

If you add these tools to your hunting arsenal you will get more Images, more sightings, more  harvests, and attract bigger bucks using these four tools:

  1. The Buck Branch
  2. Raw Frozen Scents
  3. Cuddelink Cameras
  4. RACKMAXX Fall Foodplot Seed blends