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Using Redneck Blinds during Rainy or Frigid Weather

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Folks if you have hunted in a tree stand or hunting blind in rainy or frigid weather then you know how miserable it can sometimes be. Over the years there have been some great products that have come out to help keep hunters more comfortable. The one product I fall back on in all types of inclement weather is the Redneck Fiberglass hunting blind. I was like many of you when I started hunting. I would dress in blue jeans and a flannel shirt with cotton long Johns underneath. Man, it was the way most of us hunted and yes, we hunted in dry, wet and frigid weather. I got down early or became sick many times from being out in the elements without good protection.

No longer do we need to do this. Now hunters have many options and believe you me, I go to my Redneck blinds on many a bad weather day! I also use the Redneck when there is a light and variable wind because it can help to contain some of your human scent. Now, the worst wind can turn into a good wind when you use a Redneck Hinting Blind.

When combined with the Buck Branch this is my go-to setup most of the time in bad weather, rainy, frigid and light and variable wind conditions. I also use this setup to my advantage during the early season near a good source. During early season on food, the bucks are still in bachelor groups. I mainly hunt food plots in the evening. When I have my Buck Branch out most if nothing all bucks will use the Buck Branch while feeding.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a tree for the Buck Branch. RACKMAXX the makers of the Buck Branch have you covered with the Stake Out. The stake Out is for when you have no tree in the right area to hang the Buck Branch. The Stake Out is a fiberglass rod on a stake you push into the ground and connect the Buck Branch to. No more worries. No more having a tree or a branch in the wrong place. Just place your Buck Branch at your preferred location and let nature do the rest.  And yes, it can also be used in the woods where you don’t have that perfect placement for you to get your shot.