Deer prefer the Buck Branch 50 to 1 over a natural branch in the woods

The Buck Branch
Featuring all at once! Key to success when hunting a mock scrape

Before starting your deer hunting adventure, ensure you have all the necessary deer hunting gear. If you want to make deer hunting easier, The Buck Branch is your stop offering the highest and finest quality products.

The licking branch is the most important aspect of locating a mock scrape. The preorbital fragrance is key to that licking branch. Bucks produce this fragrance to stand out from the rest of the competition. Bucks frequent lick branches and are alerted when a new opponent appears.


  • The Stake Out

    The Stake Out (1)

    Are you worried that you don't have the perfect tree where you can plan your hunt? There is no need to stress out. Using The Stake Out will allow you to continue your hunt without encountering difficulties. Using a stake, you can plan your hunt by putting it in your ideal hunting location. With the help of a stakeout, you…
  • The Buck Branch

    The Buck Branch (5)

    With the right calculated angle, height, and distance, the buck branch products can help you hit your target every time. We have created it in accordance with the requirements that every hunter wants to overcome. with the right experience and the right exposure, we have created our the buck branch products to ensure that you can hit your target without…
  • Raw Frozen Scent

    Raw Frozen Scent (11)

    Raw Frozen Scents frozen fresh deer lure line gives you precisely what you want and expect as a dedicated hunter. To keep products smelling fresh until you're ready to use them in the field, they use a process that inhibits the natural decomposition of the organic material in the fresh urine. To preserve the freshness of urine, Raw Frozen Scents…
  • Rack Maxx Products®

    Rack Maxx Products® (8)

    Rack Maxx Products was created for a healthier herd of deer and bigger bucks. Rack Maxx Power Maxx is a high-protein deer feed with excellent digestibility. It is the most effective deer food available today. Mineral deficiency and decreased antler growth can result from a lack of these minerals. In order to provide the best minerals for deer and other…
  • Eagle Seed

    Eagle Seed (70)

    High-quality and superior genetics are what you'll find in Eagle seeds. A large number of their blends contain newer, hybrid seeds, which are more vigorous, produce more seed, and grow larger, resulting in more food and covering acre of your land. The world's first glyphosate is a ready food plot that has been created by Eagle Seeds, Inc, to grow…
  • Cuddelink Cameras and Accessories

    Cuddelink Cameras and Accessories (20)

    Using a proprietary wireless mesh network, CuddeLink enables the cameras to communicate with one another. The home camera collects images, and the remote cameras transmit images. One home camera can receive images from up to 23 remote CuddeLink cameras. You can set up remote cameras across hundreds or thousands of acres to send images back to your home camera. You…


give your deer what they want the bunk brunch and
all fine products of Rack Maxx.

give your deer what they want the bunk brunch and
all fine products of Rack Maxx.


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